From Employee To Entrepreneur
Written by Robert Logan
One of the most profound memories I have from working as a retail manager was the resentment for working so many hours. It seemed as though there was always another big promotion that required extra attention. I worked nights, I worked weekends and I worked holidays. Not to mention when someone called in sick. It seemed as though I was always missing all of the events I wanted to attend.
It wasn’t all bad, I enjoyed working hard and having busy days. I enjoyed the variety in my job. I even enjoyed the challenges and having to solve problems on my feet each day. There were also many good people that I met along the way.

So what was it that caused that deep-rooted resentment to fester? It was the fact that I was trading time for money. No matter how many hours I worked, or how much extra I did, the main beneficiary was always the company. I was spending what I felt like were my best years, making other people very wealthy.

Fast forward many years later as I entered into the realm of entrepreneurship. I had a side hustle of providing digital marketing services for martial arts schools. It started as a couple of extra hours of work each day. Slowly, the client base built up to a point that I could no longer handle more. I was working a full-time job, 6 days a week and putting in almost 4 hours extra each day to handle my digital marketing clients. There were many long nights and tired mornings, just like with retail.

What’s very interesting about this, is the realization I had is that I didn’t resent the work as I had when I worked retail. I didn’t mind staying up late and putting in the work. I was often so engaged with what I was doing that I often had to force myself to stop and sleep. Had I fallen in love with marketing that much? Perhaps to some degree, however, there was a very satisfying feeling knowing that the results of this extra work were going to directly benefit my pockets.

The other great benefit I noticed was I was able to stop taking on more clients. When the work became too much, I had the power to say no. Not to mention the ability to choose when I do the work to some degree. If I wanted to attend a function, I could choose to do more work leading up the function to clear my schedule. I wasn’t able to so that quite as easily working retail all those years.

The reality is that working for someone else or working for yourself you are likely to work many hours. However, there is freedom in being able to do things on your terms. That, and being able to directly benefit from the extra effort you choose to put in is a liberating experience that I wouldn't trade!

Robert Logan

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